28 Days with Sue

I remember two years ago watching Glamour Photography with Sue Bryce on CreativeLive live, Sue's first ever appearance on CreativeLive. When the commercial for it aired while I was watching a Sandy Puc class, I thought "glamour, really?" But, I still managed to see the class live out of curiosity... I was amazed at how she did her work- her posing, how she presented herself, the art she made, her business skills, where she started from. I wanted to emulate this in my own business, when I started it up.

However, when I started to do this, I didn't know where to start... so I hardly did it at all. That changed when 28 Days of Sue was announced. I had watched every single Sue class, live, and rewatched them when possible. When 28 Days of Sue was announced, we were told that you had to buy the course to see the material. I have seen EVERY one of Sue's classes- I HAVE to buy this course. So I did, right away.

This course is worth well over what it sells for. It has literally transformed me as a photographer. I shoot better, and I sell better. Sue taught me how to photograph in all of the situations of which a contemporary photographer would- in the studio, outside, in the backlight, how to style... curves (it's not your fault they look "big"- you need to learn how to pose them because they are beautiful and they cannot see behind your lens), couples, families, men, teens, corporate. She goes over marketing, pricing yourself professional prices, scripting, your brand, money. She has so many in depth videos of her in photoshop, and her workflow that's extremely valuable (because we all know we waste time in photoshop- she doesn't). You name it, she goes over it. It's essentially a photography bootcamp, and it will transform you if you let it.

Above is the best example I could put together of how my work looked like before I watched this course, and the right is after. It's the best example because it's the same girl, for her senior photos, and this is just a few months apart. This is taken with a Canon XS (so don't tell me your camera isn't good enough).

This class is so valuable to me, as a creative and a business owner. I'm so thankful that Sue has sacrificed herself to teach other photographers in such an in depth way. There are too many photographers that have no interest in helping others because they're threatened by it. There are a lot of unanswered questions in the photography world, and Sue tries her best to answer them. I've listened with an open mind, my business is transforming, and so is my self. I value myself and my work more than ever before. The course on Fear really sums up our problems as photographers. Start there. The journey has been incredible, and I'm very thankful to own this course.

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