That One Dress in Your Closet...

You know that dress... the one you haven't worn in a long time for one reason or another. It's stained, it has a huge tear on the bottom, it doesn't fit anymore. But you can't just let it go yet because you love it that much.

Before I had a studio, I did a shoot with a dear friend of mine, Kelly. This woman is amazing- a mom, a wife, a full-time helper of disability students, works two jobs and does ministry- always busy but all heart. She invited me into her home. Her outfits were laid out. I asked to see inside her closet. Then I saw the dress.

I asked her why she didn't want to be photographed in it. She said oh that dress is amazing, but I haven't worn it in years... I don't know if it even fits. I know that it didn't matter- we don't have to zip it, or I can clip it in the back if it's too big. I don't remember which one we did, all I remember is how she looked in it.

"I feel beautiful in this dress."