My One Word in 2015

I remember spending some time of personal reflection and goal writing for the upcoming 2014 year. I'll be honest, I hate resolutions. I get it... I write down my goals and what I want to do... but the concept of having a resolution to go to the gym every day, or to eat healthier for a year. It sounds great, but it seems like I'm thinking before actually trying to achieve (kind of like, when my eyes are bigger than my stomach). That's why I always fail at new year resolutions- I need something that I can work on daily without setting myself up for failure. That's where my one word comes in. I remember reflecting and thinking if I had one word to strive for every day, then my goals may come to fruition. I spent a little time googling, and someone already had this idea and wrote a book about it. Hah, go figure. You can read more about this concept on I decided to pick one word every year to inspire and motivate me, personal and business. These words so far have been based on my personal blocks. 2014 was the word WILLINGNESS. This year is the word FOCUS. I will be the first to admit I struggle with focusing on tasks I need to get done, and sometimes even focusing on my passion and keeping that on the forefront of my mind. My business often suffers for it. This year will be about FOCUSing on my goals, dreams, so I can better accomplish them. I have this word written in my planner, and by my desk, so I can read it every day as a reminder.

What's your one word?