Why Do a Before and After?

It's a controversial topic, but it's one of the top viewed sections of my website. Why do I include the before and after? I'm a part of a few private groups and this is discussed often, because some people battle with the intentions of the before and after. They argue it's wrong or dangerous to post the "ugly duck", and after their face with some make up on. That's not the point.

The "before" image is beautiful. I even show my client the before photo before posting it. I take it just like a model test shot polaroid... natural, white background, clean face, hair pulled back, natural expression. However, no direction from me but to smile. Most women don't even mind getting it taken. I do it quick, and promise them that it won't be "ugly"... although unfortunately, she doesn't always feel beautiful. The "after" is beautiful, too. I pose right down carefully to the toes. This woman has just been pampered- treated with hair and make up without having to worry about it themselves. She has seen herself and not only is she beautiful (although she always has been), but she FEELS beautiful as well. She gets photographed how she's always dreamed. I capture exactly how her loved ones see her. She trusts me.

So what's the point? I want every woman in the world to experience this: getting the best portraits that they have ever seen of themselves. To see themselves like their loved ones see them- not the warped concept of ideal self image that our world endorses. You are the before, and you are the after. See in yourself that you are beautiful now- not pounds thinner or years younger. This is what modern glamour photography is supposed to be about.