Whitney English Planner Review: Six Months Later

Prior to this blog, I reviewed the Erin Condren. You can read that review here.

The Whitney English planner is especially for small business owners, so needless to say I had to have it!

My disclaimer before beginning this review: I bought this planner for August 2014-July 2015 and didn't finish it. I stopped using this planner about January-February 2015. I left it in my car one night, someone didn't close the door all the way (it wasn't me!), and it got water logged and frankly ruined. Totally my fault for leaving it there in the first place, and it was so sad, but alas I will review it because I am the Planner Queen... hah.

The designer planner- one of my favorite staples in my office. Something about it keeps me organized. I like to do these reviews many months later because a lot of bloggers will post their first impressions, and I don't think that gives an accurate depiction of how useful the planner is. I'll try to keep this short, but the following post is image heavy.

The packaging this planner in was so cute. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of it.


The cover is absolutely lovely. At the time I ordered it, you could choose from gold or black stripes. I went for the gold. However, Whitney has a few other cover designs and they're often limited edition. When my cover was water damaged, the cover is made out of a cardstock/paper material, so it soaked all that water in and puffed up. I tried to dry the cover and pages but couldn't salvage it. I bet rice would have helped, but I didn't think of that until writing this blog (hah). Regardless, this cover is more professional, in my opinion, compared to the laminated Erin Condren.


I love the metal binding on this planner. Although not as sturdy and thick as the Erin Condren, I found that this was enough. I didn't have any problems with the binding separating from the back cover or anything like that. It also didn't bend while I used it.


This planner comes with tabs! The tabs are actually pages where you can write monthly notes on them, as well. Lots of space. Apparently older Whitney English planners didn't come with tabs, so this is a great add on. They also held up well in the time I used it.

There are tabs for each month, and each month has daily pages... which I will get to soon.

Also, I love the gold corners! They're metal, not plastic... probably necessary because the cover is actually made out of a card stock material so the corners wouldn't bend up. These corners are one of my favorite details on any of the planners I've owned.


The beginning of the planner, before you get to the monthly sections, has some worksheets that you can fill out to help your business planning. Whitney also releases special edition planners with more planning sheets. I enjoyed filling out the sheets that were included in mine, but I wanted more!


The bulk of my planning happens on the monthly pages. I love how they're included with each tab, and there are daily pages for each month. One of my biggest pet peeves with planners is when all of the monthly pages are in the same spot. I especially liked the "goals for the month" box.


Behold: the daily pages. This is what sets the Erin Condren and the Whitney English apart. Introducing hourly planning, which rocked my world when I first got it. Normal weekday pages have some differences from what's shown above, including a check list section for to-do's. The daily pages are so detailed and extensive. I knew if this page wasn't full, I wasn't working hard enough.


On weekday pages, the left four boxes are labeled "DUE", "DINNER", "DOLLARS", "DON'T FORGET". I loved being able to plan my dinners and write reminders in these boxes, but didn't know how to use the "DOLLARS" box unless I had taxes due... which really would fit in the "DUE" box... but whatever. On the weekend pages, I loved being able to reflect on my week and also having a reminder for the next. Shown on the right, I also loved having a "WEEKLY GRATITUDE" box... on the daily pages it would be "DAILY GRATITUDE". Both were used often to write a little sentence of what I was thankful for.

My experience with the Whitney English planner was delightful, for how long it lasted. It's very similar to the Emily Ley planner (which I haven't used, but have seen in person), but it's designed specifically for small business owners, which made it perfect for me. It's such a shame I ruined it. I'm now trying a new planner, but who knows, I might go back!