When was the last time you had your photograph taken? Maybe you're a high school senior, who just had their photographs taken for the yearbook. Or, perhaps, you're in your twenties and you recently got married... so of course you had photos taken during that event because who doesn't? You might have loved them or hated them even, but for many women that was a while ago now and you have been avoiding the camera since life has gotten busy or your body has changed.

If your mother is living, how old is she? What's the most recent professional portrait you have of her? She probably doesn't have updated photos of how she looks today. The photos you have of her are snapshots that you had to sneak when she didn't see you with your camera, or even photos from HER wedding 50 years ago. To you, she's beautiful in those old photos... people sometimes even say you resemble her... but you might not even recognize her in those photos. Where are her smile lines, or her beautiful silver hair?

Your mom might not talk about it, but her body has changed too, and she is also very busy. So much time has passed without getting an updated portrait, that mom asks for photos of you and the kids, but doesn't expect herself to also be in the portraits. You might not even join your kids in their portraits. Meanwhile, both you and your mom wish you could have a beautiful one taken of everyone together.

A generations portrait stops time. There is nothing like it. One of my biggest regrets is not taking a generations portrait before my mom passed away. It would have been with four generations! A generation portrait can stop time, but you cannot go back in time. There is no better time than now to have a beautiful generations shot taken. You and your family will cherish it for all time.