Photoshoot with Amanda


This is an image I took of Rachel nearly a year ago now. I went back and edited it again because I felt like it would look really beautiful in muted warmer tones.


Here's a before and after shot of hand and color editing. Straight out of the camera it was more cool, but I always love to add a bit of warmth. Rachel is just perfect in every way.



Marisa is such a lovely girl on the inside and out. I had the privileged of photographing her to celebrate her senior year of high school. We decided to go outside for some of her shoot, and impromptu just decided to do it in my front yard. Proof you don't need a fancy location for some beautiful portraits, ha.



When I first started doing photography, I did high school senior portraits of my friends here and there. I remember taking Malina's portraits and she was one of my first "clients". Over a year ago now we met again to take some portraits again. This was one of my favorites taken that day.

The backdrop is hand painted- wood stain and a canvas drop cloth. This was before having a studio space, so we just propped up some canvas in her living room. Ah...



Alexis is such a dear friend of mine. We've known each other since we were little kids. I've always admired her because of her poise and grace. We were trouble makers in Girl Scouts, though, sneaking out of our cabins with our friends and being out past curfew- haha. It's always lovely reconnecting with old friends, and the stories you share together. Her smile is radiant.



Vanessa is one of my favorite people, and just so happens to be my best friend's mother. I can't wait to do a beautiful mother daughter shoot with her two daughters. This shoot was a gift to herself to celebrate another year of life... but it's also a gift to her family, who now has a photograph to cherish for all time.


From Erica

"Having my glamour shots taken by Amanda was an incredible experience. Having someone else do my hair and makeup made me feel like a celebrity, which is something I believe many women dream about. I was a little nervous about having these photos taken. It was different from any other photo shoot I'd ever done. I felt very comfortable with Amanda and had a lot of fun during my session. I was really happy with the photos too. Usually I shy away from cameras and am disappointed with the way I look in photos, but I felt like I looked really beautiful in my pictures. I left the session looking forward to doing it again and with a new confidence in myself. Thank you so much, Amanda!"